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Queer Revolt is the first LGBTQ+ interdisciplinary conference at DePaul to include submissions from any university in the Chicagoland area. Its aims are to increase the visibility of LGBTQ+ studies on university campuses, to establish DePaul as a unique place of study for LGBTQ+ studies, and to celebrate the anniversary of the 1969 Stonewall Riots.

Queer Revolt is this year’s theme because queer sexuality and political action have been historically intertwined from Karl Ulrichs to Marsha P. Johnson. Some questions that this conference seeks to ask are the following: Does the modern LGBT movement still present a challenging critique of heteronormativity? How are chosen families or queer kinship revolutionary? How does white homonormativity present barriers to queer revolt? What does an intersectional approach to queer revolt look like? How are these ideas implicated in literature, art, public health, the sciences, universities, schools, and/or businesses? How has Queer Revolt been censored or forgotten? Queer Revolt reinvigorates the revolutionary ideals espoused during and after the Stonewall Riots. The conference is a discussion of these ideals in our own contemporary political context.



To Be Announced Soon!



To Be Announced Soon!

Opening Remarks,

Kevin B. Morrison



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The Vincentian Endowment Fund

The DePaul Office for Institutional Diversity & Equity

LGBTQ Studies

The Department of English, American Studies, Peace & Justice Studies, Women's & Gender Studies

The Department of Writing Rhetoric & Discourse

The Department of African and Black Diaspora Studies

The Critical Ethnic Studies Program

The Center for Latino Research

Office of Multicultural Student Success

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